chapter one

Create premium interactive books for ios & android


A premium interactive book is, simply put, a digital book that offers the reader an immersive experience. While it might sound just like an e-book, it’s definitely not it.

Our digital books help the readers enter the realm they’re reading about by providing animations, movie sequences, soundtracks, mini-games and puzzles, interactive 3D characters and much more.

WOW, and what
does it do?

Our team of highly skilled and enthusiastic people uses an internal system called the Book Weaver, a software that allows us to create premium interactive books for Apple’s Store and Google Play platforms.

If your book is already published as a hardcopy edition, or even if you’re merely starting your digital publishing adventure, you should definitely check out what we have to offer.

White Cube team will convert your beautiful books into immersive, interactive works of art for mobile platforms. ipad iphone ! tablet phone !

that's amazing, right?
There's even more!

that's amazing, right? There's even more!

Our team uses plenty of different features that turn your book into a work of magic. Are you ready to dive into the second chapter of this saga?