chapter three

tales of the wind

The Book of Myths and Legends,
of Fairies and Woodland Creatures

This book is inspired by stories and places in which the author grew up, and those he encountered along the way – as his grandmothers told them to him – his own two legs have tread on hidden paths in the forests that change with the seasons and with the passage of the years. For many who are no longer around and the stories that they took with them. Buried and flattened under the burden of the contemporary world. Illustrations in the book are the result of a long-time exploration, discovery, and creation of different objects, texts, costumes, dolls, pictures, and drawings.

Author: Zdenko Bašić

tales of the wind
goes digital

Tales of the Wind was the first book published by our team and is an excellent showcase of our skills and capabilities. It features custom-made 3D characters (imported into the 3D world via photogrammetry scans), custom character and insect animations, particles, parallax, zoom and more.

Discover the magic features. 


We can embed your book's stories into a retractable text parchment to make them stand out above the classic page-based texts.


Beautifully crafted 3D animated characters make your book reveal its story's background, which helps your readers immerse themselves into the content.


Book Weaver can help you add various particle effects to enrich your content. Fire, smoke and fireflies (which can be seen as glowing yellow dots on the left) are just some of the few.

make sure to download and experiment!

Check all the great Book Weaver features by downloading the book on your device and giving it a try. We’re sure you’ll be thrilled with what you experience.